Tutorial: Using Simulation and Optimization

Read this tutorial to learn how you can create a better model for resource allocation in real-world business situations. With a call center staffing example it shows how simulation and optimization works. Learn more.

Tutorial: Optimization for Better Decisions

Read this tutorial illustrated with Excel models and simple plots to learn how powerful software can help model complex resource allocation, account for difficult-to predict variables, enhance and speed business decision making. Learn more.

Tutorial: Risk Analysis and Monte Carlo Simulation

Read this tutorial to learn how Monte Carlo simulation can become a frequently-used tool in every business analyst’s toolkit. It can help access risks, avoid business failure and determine upside business opportunities. Learn more.

Prophyts Predictive Named Accounts Monitoring Sample Report

The Prophyts Predictive Named Accounts Monitoring Sample Report is an example of the report subscribers will receive on a weekly basis. This detailed report displays your Named Accounts that are predicted to be in-market for a product or service in your product category. By tracking predicted domains over time, the weekly behavior indicator shows you which domains have established a baseline prediction and the intensity of that prediction week over week.