Prophyts Resource Library

  • Case Study

    CASE STUDY Predictive AI vs. Intent Based Data

    Learn how a predictive AI engine accelerates sales compared to intent based data only. How does a surging company stack up against the Prophyts prediction? How many of the surging companies made it into the Prophyts predictions? Why are only 12% of surging companies predicted to be in-market to buy after 8 weeks of monitoring? Find out the answers to these questions and more. Download the Case Study Now! Download Now

  • Case Study

    CASE STUDY: Increase Engagement and Overall ROI

    An Enterprise IT company’s Demand Generation team was struggling with declining marketing engagement rates. The traditional method of driving quantity into the top of the funnel actually hurt their conversion while further straining their limited resources. Download Now

  • Research

    RESEARCH: 2019 State of Account Based Marketing Research Report

    With statistics showing ABM’s validity, one would think every marketing organization would be taking advantage of it. We asked 45 organizations about their views on ABM as a strategy, why they do or do not have one, what about ABM is important to them, and how they take advantage of it throughout the buyer’s journey—all in an effort to better understand what makes marketing organizations tick when it comes to ABM. Download Now

  • Webcast

    WEBCAST: Which of My Prospects Matter Most? How Predictive Intelligence Gives Me the Competitive Edge

    Did you know there’s a platform that can acquire actionable intelligence on your Prospect lists and predict in-market buyers for your product and services? But, how do you get started and take advantage of these technologies to gain an edge on your competitors? Download Now