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Marketing Program Plus Predictive Intelligence Means Revenue

One of the key cornerstones of a successful marketing program is defining the right segment to target. Often times this requires data input from multiple sources such as Marketing Automation Solutions, CRM Database, Customer, etc. and dedicated individuals who can extract, manipulate and provide insight to the data.


WEBCAST: Which of My Prospects Matter Most? How Predictive Intelligence Gives Me the Competitive Edge

Did you know there’s a platform that can acquire actionable intelligence on your Prospect lists and predict in-market buyers for your product and services? But, how do you get started and take advantage of these technologies to gain an edge on your competitors?

WEBCAST: 2019 State of Account Based Marketing

In early 2019 we conducted a survey asking marketers from over 70 organizations about their Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy. Responses varied across the respondents providing important insight for those just getting started with ABM as well as those who are actively engaged in an ABM strategy.