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A Complete Revenue Problem Solver
from Targeting to Delivery

In a metric-driven marketing world you need to drive better-quality leads for the sales team and show marketing ROI KPIs. You need a turnkey solution, an engine that provides answers, not just insights. The Prophyts AI Prediction Engine meets that need. By leveraging an AI solution like Prophyts, you can outsource the data crunching and focus on actual marketing. With the Prophyts AI Prediction Engine on the marketer's side, every campaign will be supercharged and deliver results that matter.

69% of marketers say converting contacts/leads to customer is their top priority.
of marketers rank generating leads as their top marketing challenge. 62%

Marketers Face Challenges, Prophyts has Solutions

Prophyts Delivers
  • I don't know which accounts to target
  • I need Sales Ready leads
  • I don't know how to prioritize my events leads
  • Prospect Intelligence
    Our patent-pending algorithm is optimized to identify companies that are still early in the buyer journey, so you can engage new prospects at the start of their buying cycle.
  • Sales Ready Leads
    Prophyts predicts the accounts that are looking to buy based on a product category and executes a lead gen program against the predicted account, resulting in a lead that has engaged on specific assets from the prediction.
  • Event Lead Monitoring
    Prophyts monitors the leads you capture at live events, trade shows, social media events, webinars, etc. and predicts at the company account level which company is actually looking to buy.