How It Works


We track the reading habits of millions of employees at companies across the United States as they visit Web sites that are part of our network.


Using Big Data analytics and machine learning algorithms, we sift through the 30 billion monthly site visits we track to identify companies that are actively researching solutions.


Our patent-pending algorithm evaluates each company's research activity and predicts which companies are in-market to purchase a solution in your product category.


We provide you this list of companies along with the specific contacts at those companies who are likely to be involved in the purchase of your solution.

Why Our Customers Love Prophyts

  • A Simple ABM Solution

    Use the list of predicted companies and contacts to power your ABM strategy. Focus your content marketing campaign, target your display ad campaigns or accelerate your sales development representative (SDR) teams -- these companies are in-market for your solution!

  • Identify Companies Early in the Buyer Journey

    Our algorithm is optimized to identify companies that are still early in the buyer journey, so you can engage them at the start of their buying cycle.

  • High-Quality Contacts -- Guaranteed!

    Put your ABM strategy to work immediately by engaging with the right contacts at predicted companies. Your Prophyts subscription gives you the direct contact information for decision makers and influencers who are responsible for purchasing your product. We have compiled one of the world's largest databases of professionals that is continuously cleansed with contact data that is 90% accurate -- guaranteed.

  • Integrated Ad Buying

    You can also reach your predicted targets across any device, browser or app with our advertising solution, which allows you to run targeted ABM display campaigns across 500 different ad networks.

  • Custom Marketing Services

    Engaging your customers with relevant content matters, especially early in the buyer journey. If you don't have the in-house resources to create the necessary content, Prophyts offers a robust marketing services capability to create custom content for you to use when engaging with predicted companies.