What is Account Based Marketing (ABM)?

There is no universal definition of Account Based Marketing, but at Prophyts we characterize it as having two main components: (1) Identifying a specific set of named companies to target for promotional, lead generation, and sales efforts based on their increased likelihood of becoming a customer and (2) a marketing approach that encompasses reaching all stakeholders and influencers involved in the purchase process, not just the decision maker.

What is Predictive ABM?

Predictive ABM is the process of using a predictive data model and an algorithm to identify a named account list for use in your marketing efforts.

Where does Prophyts get its Web tracking data?

Prophyts has partnered with several B2B tracking networks including Bombora. We use Bombora Certified Data, which means that Prophyts is fueled by Bombora's industry standard B2B intent and firmographic data.

How does Prophyts integrated ad buying work?

For an additional CPM, you may purchase banner ads targeted at companies that are predicted to buy a solution in your product category. Your campaign will be delivered across an ad network, which will allow you to reach companies across any device, browser or app. All you need to provide is the creative -- we'll do the rest.

Do I need to provide any of my customer data to Prophyts?

No, you do not need to provide any sensitive internal sales or customer data (like some other ABM solutions require). We use external data collected across our network of B2B Web sites and machine learning algorithms to predict a company's purchase. This means that there's no wasted time or resources from your team -- you'll have instant access to companies that want to buy your solution.

What should I do with the list of companies that are predicted to purchase my solution?

While these companies are predicted to be in-market for your solution, they may not be familiar with your brand. We recommend that you place relevant contacts in a content marketing nurturing stream (or equivalent) so that you can properly introduce your brand, highlight your unique offerings and position yourself against your competition.

How much does Prophyts cost?

Contact Us to speak to a sales representative that can provide details on pricing.

How is Prophyts different from other "intent" based data sources?

Intent data offers marketers a way to better target ads and promotions, but it's not very good at predicting an actual purchase. Our algorithm uses machine learning to predict when a company is actually in-market for your solution, giving you the inside track on making a sale.

How often will I receive predicted companies?

You'll receive new predicted companies and all available contacts each week (as long as your subscription is active).

How accurate is your contact information?

We've compiled one of the world's largest databases of professionals. It's continuously cleansed using industry-leading practices and is 90% accurate -- guaranteed. If you ever come across contact information that is invalid or out-of-date, simply notify us, and our team of researchers will identify an updated contact.

Will any of the companies predicted to purchase my solution be outside the United States?

No. We only predict the purchase activity of companies that are in the United States.