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CEO Rajeev Kapur

At 1105 Media Inc. (the parent company of Prophyts), our mission is to help our customers grow their business and we started by listening first. The more we listened, the more we heard that our customers wanted an easier, more effective way to identify in-market companies and the ability to engage them early on their buyer's journey. So to help solve this question, we built a skunk works team of data scientists, product managers and marketers to build Project BOLD -- a predictive-intelligence, Big Data solution to the problem. After 12 months of development and a six-month beta program, we are now ready to bring Project BOLD to market as Prophyts.

Powered by Big Data and a patent-pending machine learning algorithm, Prophyts gives you a list of companies and contacts that are in-market to purchase a solution in your product category. We call this Predictive Account Based Marketing (or Predictive ABM), and it can serve as the foundation of your ABM strategy. We also recognize that today's purchasing decisions often are made by committees with multiple influencers and stakeholders. Through our display-advertising program, Prophyts enables you to reach contacts at these predicted companies across any device, browser or app and engage them with your unique story.

The heart of what makes this possible is our people. Our employee motto is to #BeAmazing. Every employee here is empowered to go above and beyond for you, as well as for each other. Our corporate culture embraces excellence, innovation, and passion, while an upside-down structure where we put customers and employees first allows our team to achieve great things every day.

In today's complex ecosystem, our customers' needs are wide and deep. We lead where we are strong and we partner where we need to grow. This is where our trusted partnership sets us apart. Our long-lasting relationships form the basis of providing a complete solution for our customers. If you are interested in collaborating with us, please don't hesitate to reach out.

On behalf of the 1105 Media and Prophyts team, I look forward to working with you. Thank you for letting us help you grow your business and bring you tomorrow's buyer today.



Rajeev Kapur, CEO

Be Amazing

What makes Prophyts unique is our people! Here are some of the many (not all) amazing people that brought you Prophyts.

Prophyts Staff

About Prophyts

Founded in 2016, Prophyts helps companies accelerate their sales and marketing cycles with predictive data solutions. As a portfolio company of 1105 Media, Prophyts has deep experience building B2B demand generation and advertising programs that deliver strong ROI.

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