High Quality Leads

Our High Quality Leads program, powered by the Prophyts AI Prediction Engine, delivers leads that have been predicted to buy products and/or services in your solution category and have engaged with your asset. The process is easy.

  • Pick - Your product or service category
  • Predict – Prophyts AI engine determines which accounts are looking to buy
  • Deliver – Predicted Sales Ready Leads are delivered to your inbox.
There are no minimums or long term commitments.

The Prophyts AI Prediction Engine

You've been tasked with driving revenue for sales, and you need a turnkey solution without the headache. Based on your product or solution category, the Prophyts AI Prediction Engine predicts which accounts are in-market to buy, giving you the most accurate and powerful revenue problem solver.

  • Prospect Intelligence - Predicts which Prospects from your Named Accounts list are in-market to buy products or services in your category giving you actionable insight leading to greater ROI.
  • Customer Retention Alerts - Predicts which of your current Customers are in-market to buy products or services in your category signaling a potential retention risk.

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