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Predictive "Sales-Ready" Leads -- Shorter the Better

In my previous blog, I talked about the ABM Unicorn and discussed the concept of the Ideal Customer Profile, or ICP, that's core to any ABM strategy. Now let's build on that concept and talk about Sales-Ready Leads (SRLs). And, "no," these aren't leads that are saying, "I'm ready to buy right now." What SRLs represent are people who have engaged in your content from the predicted accounts based on your solution category. 

In other words, these are folks who you should be calling first because they're looking for your product type/solution category and are now about to enter the consideration stage. These leads are most likely the decision makers/influencers who have defined the problem or opportunity and have identified possible solutions.

Now is the time for that personal touch. Yes, they can be part of the standard nurture programs. At the same time, the SRLs should be directly be engaged with a "shorter is better" approach. 

Communications email/phone should be direct. The message should be about how your product/solution can help them solve their problems and how your product/solution helped other companies similar to your SRL contact. You know what they engaged in and you have their contact info.  It's now time to be short, personal and to the point. 

If you need examples, contact Prophyts and we can help you.

Posted by Eric Choi on 04/29/2019 at 9:46 AM