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Is Lead Nurturing in Your Nature? 3 Steps to Effective ABM Nurturing

According to a recent survey, more than one-third of marketers report at least half of their marketing is account based (ABM), and 70 percent say they use ABM at least to some degree. ABM is on the rise, no doubt, but without a solid nurturing plan and appropriate expectations, nurturing efforts can fall short.

Try these three steps for a more effective nurturing plan:

  • Take a long-view approach.

Set appropriate expectations for results and be flexible enough to experiment with different tactics along the way. A recent Demand Gen Report survey reported 57 percent of respondents running up to 10 nurture programs a year with up to 11 touches per campaign.

  • Segment your database.

By segmenting your database by persona, title, and/or industry and leveraging intent data from a prediction platform such as Prophyts, you'll be able to more efficiently and effectively nurture your leads with messaging relevant to who they are and the job they're doing.

  • Customize your content.

Segmentation and customization go hand in hand. Rather than developing multipurpose content, fuel your nurturing campaigns with custom content with messaging tailored to the segment and buyer's stage.     

Bring all of this together with the Prophyts Predictive ABM platform and marketing services offerings.

  • Prophyts ABM predicts buyers early in the buyer's journey and segments the predictions by industry and company size.
  • Our team of marketing services pros can then create custom-tailored content -- from in-depth white papers and infographics to nurturing e-mail content specific to the industry or persona you want to target.

Contact Prophyts to get started today or sign up for an ABM Test Drive.

Posted by David Seymour on 09/17/2018 at 9:46 AM