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We Make Research Easy

Let's be honest. Everyone has an opinion about the products and services they use on a daily basis to get the job done. And, as a marketer, having that kind of validated data can be a goldmine. But for most, getting to that insight is often more difficult than making diamonds out of coal. Understanding the product perceptions of potential buyers, what they want, and how they make decisions can be the most profitable step to messaging and ultimately sales conversion. But..

Where do you start?
How will you reach potential buyers?
What will you do with the data once acquired?

Prophyts Marketing Services can help. In fact, we can do it all for you by conducting a research program on your behalf, from question development to data collection to asset creation. Here is an example of a research report we created from a survey we conducted.

Our research services include:

  • Theme and direction development based on your subject matter expertise
  • Develop, program, promote and tabulate the survey questions
  • Create multiple marketing assets based on the results of the research (e.g. Graphic results paper, infographics, webcasts, white papers, blog posts)

You'll have total control over the process as you approve the questions, target audience and any asset we develop. And you get to keep the data for future use.

Contact Kimberley Walden today for more information about Prophyts Marketing Services and get started on a Research Program today.

Posted by Eric Choi on 08/21/2018 at 9:46 AM