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Account-Based Marketing and the Obvious

At the risk of stating the obvious, delivering greater return on investment should be one of the top priorities for marketers -- meaning that every dollar and resources invested should be maximized to generate returns. Then it's no wonder that account-based marketing is top of mind for most marketers.  After all, the process of identifying a defined list of names of companies based on their likelihood of becoming customers and engaging the individuals involved in the purchase process should be straightforward and common sense. Look at all the vendors out there that can help create data models, integrate with third-party systems and generate reports that justify marketing's existence?

In the next few series of posts, I'll reflect on my own personal experience as a marketer in the evolution of e-mail marketing, demand generation and where I believe the market is going now: data-driven marketing powered by machine learning and predictive algorithms to deliver on the account-based marketing promise.

Posted by Eric Choi on 08/15/2017 at 9:47 AM