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Prophyts Shaper Algorithm Demystified

At Prophyts we're all about listening to what our customers want. And as we began this journey back in 2015/16, the theme was clear. Our customers wanted to reach buyers early in their journey so that they can have the greatest impact possible on the purchase decision. 

So we got together a "skunkworks" team of data scientists, cloud system engineers, product managers and marketers to build "Project Bold." We started looking at three years of data, such as past purchase history, and leveraged Artificial Intelligence to sift through the enormous amount of Big Data that's consumed by an organization. And a pattern started to emerge around the following data points, such as intensity, frequency and time interval, forming the foundations of the patent-pending Prophyts algorithm.

  • Intensity: measured the strength of data consumption. 
  • Frequency: tracked the number of times an event repeated during a particular set of data.
  • Time Interval: a rolling period of duration.

Over time the "pattern" became a shape that emerged and allowed Prophyts to compare the shape of the content consumption behavior of current companies to companies that have made a purchase in the past.  This shape began producing significantly relevant F1 score results. And as we fed more data, such as thousands of purchase events, the algorithm continued to evolve, thus the Prophyts Shaper Algorithm was born.

Fast forward to the present: the Prophyts Shaper Algorithm ingests billions of pages view data per month, and calculates 70GB of data on a weekly basis to deliver prediction buying behavior for more than 200 product or solution categories. In other words, the patent-pending Prophyts Shaper Algorithm allows our customers to know who's looking to buy early in their buyers' journey.

Posted by Eric Choi on 05/06/2019 at 9:46 AM