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How Can Prophyts Power Demand-Gen Marketing Top Priorities in 2019?

In the most recent survey from Marketing Charts, "Top B2B Demand Generation Priorities in 2019," 68% of the respondents identified "Improving conversion rates/campaign results" as the top of their priorities. In looking deeper into the results, two other stats from this list stand out. Coming in at No. 6 on the list with 58% respondents is "Focusing on lead quality over quantity" and No. 8 on the list, "Leveraging intent/signal to identify new opportunities" with 42%.


Another way to look at this is B2B signals, such "intent", are becoming more and more relevant in driving quality leads that matter resulting in improved conversion rates/campaign results. So what's a marketer to do? How do you take advantage of technology to meet these priorities and deliver leads that matter? Enterprise organizations deploy an array of tools, data scientists and analysts to determine this kind of insight.

However, not everyone has the time, money and resources to take advantage of such solutions. What's needed is a turnkey solution that can deliver all of the above. This is what Prophyts Prediction Engine is all about. We take Intent from Bombora and multiple other data sources to deliver a prediction of in-market accounts defined as companies looking to buy. Using past purchase history and an array of data points such as frequency, time and intensity about content consumption patterns, Prophyts AI, powered by machine learning, can predict early-stage buyers and deliver contacts, giving you the greatest advantage to influence your prospects. But who do you start with? This is where Prophyts takes it to the next level. As part of the overall offering, Prophyts will execute a lead-generation campaign against the predicted accounts and provide the actual contacts that engaged on the relevant asset. Meaning, Prophyts Prediction Engine delivers who's looking for you, the people that you should be influencing and the individual contacts that have engaged on your asset and who are ready for Sales qualification.

So with Prophyts you get:

  1. Predicted In-Market Accounts
  2. Contacts from the Predicted Accounts
  3. Predicted Leads from Accounts for Sales to Qualify

In essence, with Prophyts you've checked the needs for demand generation and ABM that take intent into the B2B buyer's journey while delivering the highest-quality leads that convert. 

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Posted by David Seymour on 02/04/2019 at 9:46 AM