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Don't Get Outgunned by Technology: How To Easily Add AI to Your Marketing Strategy

As a marketer, the struggle to drive better-quality leads for the sales team and showing marketing ROI KPIs hasn't changed. What has changed is that our audience is inundated with endless marketing messages, emails, tweets and posts and we don't know when the right time is to engage and/or nurture that relationship. 

So for the sake of marketing, we blast our audience, we promote our content not knowing if it's the right time and hope fishing with a net will help. Yes, technology is out there, the challenge is that there's technology out there. There's so much data being generated through endless systems, and digital interaction marketers are lost in a sea of data among Web sites, email, search, third-party data and so on, which creates a challenge and takes time away from marketing activities.

What marketers need is a turnkey solution, an engine that provides the answers they need so that they can focus on the marketing activity. This is where the Prophyts AI Engine meets that need. By leveraging an AI solution like Prophyts, marketers can outsource the data crunching to the analysts and instead focus on the who, what and when.

For example, by simply picking your product solution category, the Prophyts AI Engine will cut through all the content noise and deliver who's looking for your product and identify the contacts that you should be targeting so that your solution will always make the short list. No longer will the marketer be shackled with data-quality problems or complex spreadsheets for analysis. 
By using the Prophyts AI Engine, the marketer can leverage the best prediction that's delivering an outcome versus increasing reading volume. And if that's not enough, Prophyts can take things a step further by providing predictive leads. In other words, marketers can take advantage of additional services offered by Prophyts that deliver leads from predicted accounts that have engaged with your specific assets. You not only receive the predicted accounts and contacts, but actual individuals from the predicted accounts that should be engaged with right away.
This is what Prophyts is all about. In a metric-driven marketing world, the effectiveness of the marketer is determined based on the outcome of the leads. So with the Prophyts AI Engine on the marketer's side, every campaign will be supercharged and deliver results that matter.

Posted by Eric Choi on 02/21/2019 at 9:46 AM