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Why ABM Should Be Treated Like 'Inception,' Part 3: The Right Tools for the Job

In my previous post, I discussed how a successful ABM strategy is like the major theme of the movie 'Inception,' assembling a team to plant the 'seed' of an idea, or influencing your potential buyers toward your solution that can solve their need.  

Next, you need specific tools to start influencing and planting the seeds:

  • A predictive ABM engine like Prophyts to provide direction and insights on when, where and who to target. Receive companies predicted to be in-market to buy based on the Prophyts algorithm, along with contacts of key decision makers/influencers.
  • A marketing automation (MA) platform like Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot or Pardot, for example. Export all the contacts provided for predicting companies from the Prophyts Portal and import it into your MA platform and execute multiple drip/nurturing campaigns based on different segments or product lines with value-added content about your products/solutions such as overview videos, case studies and testimonials.
  • A CRM system like Salesforce, Elan or Hubspot with notifications to sales reps for call-to-actions based on the highest intensity accounts.
  • Display advertising: Target your accounts wherever they go on the Web.

Just like 'Inception,' by defining a specific strategy with the right team and tools, you have the ability to highly influence a potential customer to work with you and only you, all before the competition/market is even aware. Imagine how that can impact your sales cycle over time.

So if you want to understand ABM and how to execute a successful ABM campaign, watch 'Inception' and apply the same theories to ABM. What do you think? Am I too far off with my analogy?

Learn more about Prophyts or take the Prediction Engine for a Test Drive.

Posted by Sahil Jain on 01/31/2019 at 9:45 AM