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How the Prophyts Prediction Engine takes Bombora Intent Data and Delivers a Prediction

If marketing and sales teams had all the resources, time and money in the world there would be no limit to what could be achieved. If you believe that, then I have a bridge to sell you.

The reality is that your customers are inundated with sales and marketing material and have become desensitized to promos, trials, special offers and services. Tactics like content syndication, search engine marketing, display advertising and so on all have their place in the marketing mix, but they all share the same limitation: They require the prospect to raise their hand and say that they’re interested in a solution before they can be engaged and, often times, this is too late. So how do you get the timing right? How do you know when your customers are most influenceable?

Enter Bombora's Intent data (Prophyts is a Bombora Certified Data Partner). This data is collected from Web user content consumption behavior, which is then categorized into topics to determine the potential to take an action. In other words, if you’re reading about it, then you must have an "intent" to do something about it. Subscribers to Bombora are then able to track and monitor topics associated with accounts to determine what collection of topics are "surging" for their particular account. This powerful tool allows the subscribers to analyze, drill, track and monitor an array of Intent signals. And many organizations have the time and resources to incorporate this powerful solution into the marketing and sales revenue teams.

But for those who don't have the time and resources, that’s where Prophyts comes in. Using a patent-pending Artificial Intelligence-powered machine learning algorithm developed at Prophtys, we look at the intensity, frequency and time interval of audience behavior week over week to deliver a prediction of who’s actually looking to buy. We do this by combining Bombora Intent data and other data sources, including install base and firmographics data, for product categories curated by our industry experts around an array of functional areas including IT infrastructure, Data and Analytics, Development, and Marketing Technologies.

"By combining a powerful prediction engine with intent-fueled contact append and ad targeting capabilities, Prophyts brings B2B marketers a more complete and powerful solution for Account Based Sales & Marketing. We are thrilled to support this innovation." —Erik Matlick, Bombora CEO

Prophyts Prediction Intensity

So what it comes back to is that when your marketing and sales teams are constantly under the gun to produce results, you need a solution that can give you an answer. You need a platform that tells you which account you should be nurturing or which account you should be prioritizing. That's what Prophyts is all about. It empowers the marketing and sales teams to leverage the best Intent data and the most powerful Prediction Engine to identify and monitor which account you should be focusing on to reduce your sales cycle time. There’s no need to develop a complex model or integrated priority system. Prophyts is a turnkey solution for what you need today.

You pick your company product or solution categories and decide how you want to receive the data. The Prophyts Prediction Engine will start to fill your pipeline with accounts to nurture or let you know which one of your named prospects are looking to buy across an array of categories, giving you the ability to triangulate.

So with the Prophyts Prediction Engine that’s fueled by Bombora's industry standard Intent data, you have a turnkey solution that tells you who, when and what product or solutions your buyers are in-market for today.

Click here to learn more about how Prophyts works or click here for a test drive.

Posted by Eric Choi on 01/30/2019 at 9:46 AM