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Why ABM Should Be Treated Like 'Inception,' Part 2: An ABM Dream Team

In my previous post, I discussed why account based marketing (ABM) should be treated like the major theme of the movie 'Inception,' that 'ABM is not solely lead generation, an outbound marketing campaign, a sales call or display advertising. No, an effective ABM strategy encompasses all of these attributes.'

Think about it, you want to essentially influence your potential buyer to purchase your products/solutions. In order to do that, you have to create awareness and be surgical in your marketing execution. In 'Inception,' in order for the inception to be successful, Cobb has to put together a team where each member has a specific set of skills, tools and responsibilities.

Character Role


Team Leader


Manages and researches the missions


The Architect


The Impersonator

Mr. Saito

The Employer for the job


The Pharmacologist


The Target

Now take that same approach and apply it to ABM. In order to plant the idea that your product is going to solve a prospect's challenges and problems, the first thing you need is a team of individuals who have different roles and responsibilities. For example, Director of Marketing/DG, ABM/DG Manager, Digital Marketer and Sales Rep. All of these roles need to be aligned with the same goal in mind. Every person on the team should know the priority accounts to target, the distinct message being conveyed and the desired outcome. 

In my next post we'll discuss the tools needed to get the job done. There has never been a time when Sales and Marketing have had more resources.

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Posted by Sahil Jain on 01/30/2019 at 9:46 AM