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Make Sales and Marketing Friends Again

Aligning Sales and Marketing around Key Accounts

Although Sales and Marketing have different roles, the relationship can be a perfect pairing if aligned around a common goal. As Marketing focuses on generating leads, and Sales focuses on converting leads to sales, zeroing in on key accounts with targeted messaging should be the central driver to achieving alignment, and more importantly an accelerated sales cycle.

Identifying Key Accounts
Reaching Account Based Marketing nirvana requires a "quality over quantity" approach. Selecting the key accounts that are most likely to purchase your product or service means shifting from a "spray and pray" approach to a Named Account approach. Sales will have a list of their priority or "named accounts" that they are most keen to win and an effective ABM strategy requires Marketing to focus their efforts on these accounts.

Targeted Messaging
Getting marketing on board with targeted messaging relevant to accounts is essential to an accelerated sales cycle. Prospects will be more willing to respond to your message if it's relevant and specific to their need. Don't assume they know who you are. Offer industry relevant content and follow up touches that help them understand the problem they face. You'll establish yourself as a Thought Leader and work your brand into their memory as they develop their short list for consideration.

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Posted by David Seymour on 12/18/2018 at 9:46 AM