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Work Smarter to Generate Quality Leads

According to a recent study (PDF download) from the Content Marketing Institute, 47 percent of the content created by B2B marketers was created for the early stage in the buyer's journey. The study also indicated that generating leads or potential customers was the most common reason for the content creation.

What's ironic is that we're still taking a shotgun approach to content marketing in this modern age of data-driving marketing. We as marketers create content and blast the content across a tired list of names hoping for engagement.

It's time to work smarter versus harder. We need a way for our content to find the right audience at the right time. There are tons of signals out there. What we need to be able to do is translate these signals and give marketers an advantage of knowing who is in the buyer's journey and who is most receptive to the early-stage content.

This is what Prophyts Predictive Engine is all about. Based on pre-defined categories, the Prophyts Prediction Engine identifies the right audience at the right time for your content. Imagine driving an increase of 5.8x in engagement rate or a 1.6x increase in your display advertising click-through rate. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence powered by machine learning, Prophyts can supercharge your ABM Program.

Contact Prophyts to get started today, or sign up for a 30-day ABM Test-Drive.

Posted by David Seymour on 11/15/2018 at 9:46 AM