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Identify Early Stage Buyers and get on their Short List

Right now, companies are facing challenges that need solutions. As stakeholders and problem solvers within these organizations research products and services, they are compiling a short-list of solutions. A list you need to be on.
As a modern marketer, you should be asking these two questions:

  1. How do I identify who's looking for a solution in my category?
  2. How do they find out about my solution?

Prophyts Predictive Account Based Marketing answers both of these questions.

Who's looking to buy? We track the reading habits of millions of companies, apply our patent pending algorithm and predict who is in-market to purchase a solution in your product category. Each week you'll receive a net new list of companies to add to your prospect list.

How do they find out about my solution? Prophyts has a full service marketing services team that will help you develop marketing content, design sales collateral, or even manage nurture campaigns. Prophyts Marketing Services extends the capabilities of your marketing team, so you can make yourself known to the companies looking for you.

Contact Prophyts to get started today, or sign up for a 30 day ABM Test Drive.

Posted by Eric Choi on 10/02/2018 at 9:46 AM