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Gain the Competitive Edge with Prophyts Predictive Platform

It's time you took your marketing strategy to a new level with an Account Based approach. Pulling together an ABM strategy can be complex and time consuming, but with a little planning and the right predictive platform, you will see the ROI analysts are talking about.

Prophyts is a comprehensive Predictive ABM platform that offers four key strategies that bring predictive insight and marketing execution to your ABM strategy enabling you to determine which accounts to target and how to best engage them.

  1. NEW! Predictive Named Account Monitoring – Prospects
    A Prospect monitoring solution that predicts which of your Named Accounts are in-market to purchase solutions in your product category
  2. NEW! Predictive Named Account Monitoring for Retention – Customers
    A Customer monitoring solution that predicts which of your current Customers may be at retention risk as they are signaling buying behavior for solutions you already provide
  3. Predictive Account Based Marketing
    A predictive solution that identifies companies early in the buyer journey that are predicted to purchase a solution in your product category
  4. Account Based Marketing Engagement Services
    Prophyts in-house marketing services can handle any marketing need you have. Specializing in analytics driven campaign strategy, content creation, and design, we're your resource for account based marketing engagement, "driven by Predictive Intelligence".

Learn more about Prophyts Predictive ABM platform today and gain powerful insight into companies in-market to purchase your solutions.

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Posted by Eric Choi on 05/30/2018 at 9:46 AM