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What's Powering your ABM Strategy?

Predictive analytics lead to greater ROI

Activating an effective account based marketing (ABM) strategy can be one of Marketing's greatest drivers of ROI. And when the stars align and Sales and Marketing are firing on all cylinders, ABM can deliver better traction and increased closing rates on higher value deals.

But what powers the most effective ABM Strategy?
In two words, Predictive Analytics. One of the greatest challenges to an effective ABM strategy is determining which accounts are in-market. This is solved with predictive analytics. According to the SiriusDecisions Research Brief, "Leveraging Predictive Technologies for Account-Based Marketing", there is a huge benefit to powering your ABM with a "Predictive ABM" platform like Prophyts:

"While traditional methods for sourcing and selecting accounts rely on a limited set of firmographic indicators plus marketing automation behavioral data, predictive analytics calls on hundreds of variables that describe static and fluid as well as intent data to identify higher-quality targets for outbound prospecting."

Here are three reasons to power your ABM strategy with Prophyts:

  1. Prophyts predicts companies early in the Buyer Journey - Streamline your efforts by targeting companies at the stage they are most open to evaluation.
  2. Prophyts provides relevant contacts at predicted companies - Receive direct contact information for decision makers and influencers who are responsible for purchasing your product or solution.
  3. Your competitors are doing it!

If you're looking to turbocharge your ABM strategy through predictive analytics, try the Prophyts Predictive ABM platform. Prophyts offers a simple, yet powerful ABM solution that identifies companies that are in-market for your solution, provides the right contacts to reach at the company and integrates an advertising solution to reach your target audience.
Learn how Prophyts powers ABM. Contact us today!

Posted by David Seymour on 04/03/2018 at 9:46 AM