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Does Your ABM Strategy Need Intelligence?

Gain actionable insight with Predictive Analytics

The benefits of adopting an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy are well documented. With outcomes like increased closed opportunities and growing average deal size, companies waiting to get in the game are behind the competitive curve. But an ABM strategy is only as good as the intelligence you have on the accounts you target. Whether you have an ABM strategy or have yet to implement, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. How do I know which companies are in-market for my solution?
  2. Where are these companies in the "Buyer's Journey?"

Prophyts Predictive Account-Based Marketing platform answers both questions, whether you already have an ABM strategy in place or are looking to implement. The power is in Predictive.

QUESTION: Do I know which companies are in-market for my solution?
Using Big Data analytics and machine learning algorithms, Prophyts sifts through billions of monthly site visits to identify companies that are actively researching solutions. Prophyts algorithm delineates who's reading for the sake of reading versus reading behavior that translates into purchasing prediction. Each company is evaluated by research activity and Prophyts predicts which companies are in-market to purchase a solution in a specific product category.

QUESTION: Where are these companies in the "Buyer's Journey?"
Prophyts identifies companies, or buyers, at the most important stage, the Awareness stage. By providing you with a list of companies in the Awareness stage, you can target messaging about your solution when it matters most. If the buyer has already made its short list and is in the Consideration and Decision stages, it is often too late to make an impression.

Learn more about Prophyts Predictive ABM platform today and gain powerful insight into companies in-market to purchase your solutions.

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Posted by Eric Choi on 04/17/2018 at 9:46 AM