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'Predictive' Account Based Marketing Answers
the 'HOW' of ABM

In previous posts, we've mentioned Predictive Account Based Marketing (ABM). But how exactly does it set Prophyts apart from other ABM solutions?

ABM is all the rage and reasonably so. Statistics show that adopting an ABM strategy delivers results including increased:

  • target account engagement
  • closing opportunities
  • average deal size

ABM should be front of mind for all B2B marketers. But as a strategy, it provides only a framework for WHAT to do. There are aspects of ABM that make HOW to do it less obvious, leaving marketers wondering:

  • How do I identify companies that are in the market for my solutions?
  • How do I find individual influencers and decision makers to market to at those companies?

This is where the Prophyts Predictive ABM solution clears the air.

The Prophyts Cycle

Prophyts Predictive Account Based Marketing is powered by a machine learning algorithm that sifts through billions of monthly Web page views and reading activity of millions of potential buyers. The algorithm uses this data to predict which companies are likely soon to make a purchase in a particular sector. Prophyts then provides clients who offer products in that target sector with the contact information of company representatives who are likely to be involved in a purchasing decision.
Instantly upgrade your ABM strategy. Let Prophyts predict for you.

Posted by David Seymour on 04/21/2018 at 9:46 AM