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Solve These Common ABM Challenges

Account Based Marketing (ABM) has officially landed in the marketing toolbox as an effective, must-implement strategy for nurturing and winning high-value accounts.  According to a 2017 SiriusDecision survey, "ABM programs are maturing, securing a bigger share of marketing budgets; organizations continue to invest in ABM technologies to better operationalize and optimize programs."

But while ABM is an effective strategy, inherent challenges exist and must be overcome in order to realize the intended result of better leads and increased sales.

Three Common ABM Challenges and One Simple Solution

  • Challenge: Identifying Target Accounts Across All the Data Noise
    Focusing marketing efforts on fewer, high value accounts is the foundation of ABM, but how do you identify accounts that map to your solutions with so much marketing data? And, more importantly, how do you separate the buyers from browsers.
  • Challenge: Identifying Relevant Contacts
    With a list of target accounts in hand, it's time to generate a customer profile and identify contacts that fit that profile. But where do you start? Who are the influencers and decision makers and how much time will be wasted talking to a firewall of the wrong people?
  • Challenge: Producing New and Relevant Content for Engagement
    Once you have your target accounts and relevant contacts, you know you need to communicate your messaging or thought leadership, but you don't have the writers or design resources.

Solution: Prophyts Predictive Account Based Marketing
Prophyts tracks the reading habits of millions of employees at companies across the US as they visit Web sites in our network. Using Big Data analytics and machine learning algorithms we sift through 30 billion monthly site visits, identify companies that are actively researching IT solutions, and predict which companies are in-market for a solution in your category.

Then, as a Prophyts customer you're provided with a list of companies and specific contacts at those companies likely to be involved in the purchase of your solution. We even have the in-house resources to develop and design content to nurture Prophyts contacts. Problems Solved.

Posted by David Seymour on 03/16/2018 at 9:46 AM