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Sales and Marketing Strategy – Check? Check again.

You've got a sales and marketing strategy in place. With scheduled email blasts, banner campaigns, product-oriented-funny-cute-edgy tweets, in-depth LinkedIn and website blog posts, and event sponsorships; you've got everything covered. You're even sponsoring webinars and posting papers on industry websites to generate leads. The efforts are there, but you need more ROI. You need predictive account based marketing.

What is Predictive Account Based Marketing?
What if there was a powerful tool that identified companies early in the buying journey predicted to purchase a solution in your specific product category, when they can be influenced most? What if this tool could deliver direct contact information for decision makers and influencers likely involved at these companies?

This predictive account based marketing solution exists and it's called Prophyts.

Prophyts is a predictive account based marketing solution that identifies companies in-market for your solution, provides the right contacts to reach at the company, and integrates an advertising solution to engage your target audience. Learn how Prophyts works.

Contact Prophyts today and we'll walk you through the benefits of predictive ABM.

Posted by Eric Choi on 02/06/2018 at 9:47 AM