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ABM: Are You Behind?

As a B2B marketer you know the value of cutting through the noise and driving leads that matter, but in this age of cutthroat competition for buyer attention, simply casting a wide net won't meet the underlying goal of all B2B marketers: How do we best set up Sales FTW? (Sales for the Win)

What is Account Based Marketing?

Enter Account Based Marketing (ABM). ABM is a marketing strategy that focuses on a prospect company and more specifically the stakeholders within that company. Rather than casting a wide net in the vast ocean of opportunity with fingers crossed for decent results, you're dropping a baited line in a pond with fish you can see just beneath the surface of the water.

Let's talk about your ABM strategy.

ABM Basics and how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help:

  • Align your ABM strategy with your Sales team's goals
  • Identify target accounts in-market for your solutions
  • Identify buyer personas and how they consume content
  • Tailor messaging to the buyer personas and their pain points
  • Execute coordinated efforts with Sales for maximum impact
  • Measure results and adjust as needed
  • Employ technology to make all of the above easier and more efficient

Enter Prophyts.

Prophyts is an AI solution that identifies companies in-market for your solution, provides the right contacts to reach at the company that are likely decision makers, and integrates an advertising solution to engage your target audience. Learn how Prophyts works.

Contact Prophyts today and we'll walk you through the benefits of predictive ABM.

Posted by David Seymour on 02/20/2018 at 9:47 AM