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Predictive Account Based Marketing to the Rescue

So in my last post about the buyer's journey I talked about the various stages and the need to reach buyers early in their journey when they're most influenceable.

Given the unique position of 1105 Media as producers of independent content, we recognized that we could identify people early in the buyer journey by looking at what they were reading. We also recognized that to do this at scale, we would need a very large data set of what people were reading and the ability to process this data in a meaningful way. So to help solve this question, we built a skunkworks team of data scientists, cloud systems engineers, product managers, and marketers and built strategic relationships with data partners to deliver a Big Data predictive-intelligence solution to the problem.

What makes our solution unique is the core strength of our approach. We don't depend on access to sensitive internal CRM or marketing databases, nor do we limit ourselves to general data. Leveraging multiple partnerships, we digest the reading habits of millions of employees at companies across the United States as they visit Web sites that are part of our tracking network. Next, using Big Data analytics and a machine learning algorithm, we sift through more than billions of monthly page views to identify companies that are actively researching solutions. We weed out who's reading for the sake of reading versus reading behavior that translates into purchasing prediction. We do this with our patent-pending algorithm that evaluates each company's research activity and predicts which companies are in-market to purchase a solution in a specific product category. We constantly evaluate hundreds of gigabytes of data and compare it to more than two years' worth of historic traffic data that covers millions of organizations in our database to deliver companies looking for your solution.

Imagine the ability to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data without having to worry about building complex models or being dependent upon expensive database resources. Our models allow a marketer to tap into predictive account based marketing capability as a service. There's zero ramp time for categories that have been configured. And if we don't have your category, our approach allows us to quickly spin one up that matches your products or services. The power of an AI-powered solution to fuel the top funnel of account based marketing needs is now at your fingertips. No longer are you limited to your own database or list that were acquired as leads. Now you'll be able to launch your marketing campaigns that are already segmented and ready to be influenced by your message. But the story doesn't end here. 

Next time, I'll discuss what you should be doing with these predictions.

Posted by Eric Choi on 10/27/2017 at 9:47 AM