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ABM Blog Watch: Why ABM Projects Fail, Questions You Need To Be Asking, More

Here's a round-up of the some latest rumblings in the ABM blog world:

  • According to SiriusDecison's Matt Senator, a common denominator among failed ABM projects is the lack of full-time leader. "If your organization relies on everyone to own ABM with no clear figurehead in place, you will fail," he writes. "You might have a success or two, but these won't be efficient, repeatable or sustainable."
  • According to Forrester's Laura Ramos, there's 15 questions that B2B marketers dealing with ABM need to be asking themselves, but the most important one is: What new data will I need to make ABM successful? "Yes, data!," she writes. "Data is king and content is queen in the realm of ABM. If you want to make ABM work, get busy cleaning up your customer data and put better data management practices in place." Find out more about what Laura recommends you do (and don't do) here.
  • Think outsourcing your sales reps is a good idea? Think again. "If you are trying to sell into enterprises in North America, do not outsource the SDR function. Full stop," writes Gartner's Todd Berkowitz. "It generally doesn't work very well, and even when it does, you may be providing a less than stellar impression to a prospect during the first direct interaction they have with you." Read more of his reasoning here.

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Posted by Becky Nagel on 08/24/2017 at 9:47 AM