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The Future of B2B Marketing? Predictive Analytics

The increasing use of predictive models across many sectors is no surprise: In fact, market watcher Gartner has predicted that services using B2B predictive analytics will see double digit growth over the next few years.

We know that companies will want to use data science and machine learning to identify their markets and leads more easily and increase their marketing ROI; however, it's not often easy to do this kind of advanced analytcs in house.

And that's where Prophyts comes in. The subscription-based service enables enterprises to reach potential buyers early in their purchasing journey, even before "they raise their hand as a traditional lead."

Prophyts' predictive ABM platform is powered by a machine learning algorithm that sifts through billions of monthly Web page views and the reading activity of millions of potential buyers. The algorithm uses this data to predict which companies are likely to make a purchase soon in a particular sector. Prophyts then provides clients who offer products in that target sector with the contact information of company representatives who are likely to be involved in a purchasing decision.

The information Prophyts provides "is the foundation of an ABM strategy; it brings predictability to marketing programs and enables marketers to make strategic content and ad placement decisions," the company noted.

Rajeev Kapur, CEO of 1105 Media, explained that after listening to customers, it became clear "that our customers wanted an easier and more effective way to identify in-market buyers early in the process. That is what Prophyts is all about; we evolved traditional ABM from one that is manual to one that is predictive."

This aligns with the trend across industries -- more processes are moving from manual to predictive as models and algorithms improve. Whether it's modeling corporate purchases, healthcare outcomes, or industrial machine failure rates, predictive analytics is continuing to change the trajectory of today's enterprises.

Posted on 07/05/2017 at 9:47 AM