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Getting Back to Strategic ABM

Unless you're a marketer that has been living under a rock, Account Based Marketing (ABM) should be at the top of your business priorities. This post is not about why or how to implement ABM -- a Google search will give you more info than what you want to know. Instead, I'd like to discuss the ability to engage with companies that are:

  1. In-market and are early in the buyer's journey through predictive intelligence
  2. Getting ramped up quickly
  3. Able to reach their targeted audience with relevant content

Imagine engaging with companies that are in-market to purchase a product in your category early in the buyer's journey. They may not buy from you, but they will buy from somebody. What if you can identify these in-market companies -- before they raise their hands -- and reach them with industry-leading marketing services?

As a portfolio startup of 1105 Media, we've been listening to our customers and have built a skunk works team of data scientists, cloud system engineers, product managers and marketers to build "Project BOLD." After 18 months of development and beta, Prophyts was born. By incorporating predictive intelligence and Big Data, Prophyts can identify in-market companies and contacts to deliver a comprehensive predictive ABM solution.

Content syndication, SEO/SEM, display and content marketing all have their benefits, but they share the same limitation: They require the prospects to raise their hand to say that they're interested. Using a patent-pending algorithm, Prophyts tracks the reading habits of millions of employees at companies to identify businesses and contacts that are actively searching for solutions in your product category.

Finally, Prophyts allows you to target your contacts across multiple channels. OK, you might be thinking, "This type of solution is going to require data guys, IT project managers, CRM, and marketing automation system people and take many moons to implement." The beauty of Prophtys is that there's no ramp-up time. You choose the category that's relevant to your company's products and services and we deliver the companies and contacts that are in-market to you, so that you can leverage your existing sales and marketing campaigns.

Prophyts can help you discover verticals that are currently not on your radar, as well as deliver companies and contacts involved in the decision-making process. Therefore, not only are you starting with companies that are "in-market," you're expanding your marketing database and approaching ABM strategically through better segmentation.

Getting started is straightforward. Companies can sign up for Prophyts by selecting their relevant product categories and immediately start receiving companies and contacts that are generated by our predictive algorithm. And if custom content is of concern, this is where Prophtys can also deliver. We are in the business of creating custom content tailored to your audience. Whether it's a white paper, event or editorial, content is at the core of our business.

Posted by Eric Choi on 06/19/2017 at 9:47 AM